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Testimonial: Tanisha Ellis

Tanisha is a FIFTEEN leadership program alum attending Lee University

My name Tanisha Ellis. I remember the first time I heard about the FIFTEEN leadership program. There was a group of students that were nominated for the program by their teachers and counselors. I went to a meeting and learned about the interview process and eventually went to my first interview session for fifteen with my mom. I was so nervous. There were so many other students who were nominated for the program from almost every high school in Atlanta. I wasn’t sure I would get a call back to be a part of the program, but I did and FIFTEEN truly changed my life.

For me this program was a way to escape way from the troubles I was facing at home and school. It was also I place for me to grow and learn with people who saw the best in me when I didn't. We were always learning something new and experiencing new things that eventually began to shape and change the way I saw my life and made think about my future and the possibility of going to college. Fifteen taught me to believe in myself and that I could accomplish anything I wanted to do.

I now attend Lee University in Cleveland, TN. This is my junior year here and I absolutely LOVE this school it has changed my life. So many things have happened to me while in college that has changed my life. I now enjoy school and being involved with campus activities. I'm president of the Black Student Association group on campus and so much more. FIFTEEN has played such a major role in God's plan for my life. Being a part of FIFTEEN was a life changing experience!

Tanisha Ellis

Lee University


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