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The FIFTEEN leadership and life skills development program is the premier program for E2L. FIFTEEN carries students through a three-year interactive curriculum focusing on core values of character, commitment, service, and life-long learning, during which they learn social responsibility, self-awareness, leadership, and life skills. 


Program goal

The goal of FIFTEEN is to develop emerging leaders within public high schools and, as a result, to produce well-rounded individuals who take ownership of their future and who promote social responsibility within their communities.

Who we serve

Expected FIFTEEN Outcomes

​E2L has achieved tremendous success in having participating students not only succeed in and graduate from high school (at a 100% rate), but also go on to college (89%) or the military (6%).  



​FIFTEEN is a 2 ½ year program which meets every other Saturday on a college campus during the school year.  The FIFTEEN curriculum is designed around the core values of character, commitment, life-long learning, and servant leadership.  It covers the following topics, among others:


  • Life Skills (visioning, character, personal self-discipline and responsibility, priority management)

  • Leadership Skills (collaboration, managing conflict, seeking to understand, personal branding)

  • Personal Finance (budgeting, bank accounts, debt, savings, etc.)

  • Post-secondary school education planning (college vs. trade school, college selection, application process, SAT/ACT prep, cost of attendance, financial support)

  • Career Planning (career choices, career aptitude testing, education requirements, interviewing skills, etc.)

  • Role models (guest speakers, mentors, facilitators in the class room)

  • Service (community service opportunities, empowering to make a difference)

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