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Testimonial: Alexandria Gonsalves

Alexandria is a FIFTEEN leadership program alum attending the University of Georgia

College access opportunities are a vital part of what FIFTEEN does. Alexandria Gonsalves, currently a sophomore at the University of Georgia, was a part of the Fifteen program during her sophomore through senior year at Frederick Douglas High School in Atlanta, Ga. Upon reflecting during her time with the FIFTEEN Program, Alexandria had this to say about the college access opportunities.

I was a part of the FIFTEEN program from my sophomore year to my senior year in high school, where I attended Frederick Douglass High School. I was a well-rounded student, and when I applied to become a member of this program I knew this program could only progress my process in being a better person and student.

Being a part of FIFTEEN taught me a lot about myself. It aided me in determining a lot of plans I desired in high school. One of the biggest decisions I had to make was in determining what college I wanted to attend. The mentors gave me advice, the pros and cons, on both schools I wanted to attend, they broke it down for me, and made me understand what school was the best choice for myself. The mentors gave me plenty of advice, which has paved many walkways for me today. Whenever there was a question, I had several mentors to ask, and they would answer with the right answer. Whenever I needed help, I could have them on speed dial, and they were always willing to give me their time.

The main goal of the program was to instill life-long lessons and academic stability in the life of urban students, by educating them through a medium of interactive activities, guidance, and by listening and interacting with prominent figures.

"15" was very beneficial to me, and I definitely believe it supported me in getting admitted into the University of Georgia, and my retention on coming back. FIFTEEN isn’t just a program it is a family. To this day the people I was in class with and my mentors still stay in contact and we meet at least twice a year to reunite with each other.

This program truly is designed to cultivate students to be the best they can be, because til this day, I am still striving to be the best, and I couldn’t have done it without FIFTEEN.


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