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The Challenge

The mission of Essential2Life is to develop and empower urban students to achieve their full potential and become thriving leaders who positively impact our communities.  


E2L’s vision to “end generational poverty one student at a time.” We do that by operating a leadership and life skills training program for Atlanta area urban high school youth called FIFTEEN. Our interactive curriculum is designed around the core values of character, commitment, life-long learning, and servant leadership. E2L’s impressive results:  participating students not only succeed in and graduate from high school (at a 100% rate), but also go on to college (89%) or the military (6%).

Donate today to transform a future tomorrow. 

Help us empower, ensure, and educate to increase impact!

If you are excited about what we do and want to get involved, we offer a variety of volunteer opportunities, along with the option to sponsor a student. 


From success stories and testimonials to research studies and volunteer spotlights, our stories show the true impact of our work in your community.

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