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Testimonial: Stasheia Durham

Stashia is a FIFTEEN leadership program alum attending Savannah State University

Creativity, drive, personal development and responsibility, these are all lessons that Stasheia Durham has learned. Upon graduating from the Fifteen program, Stasheia has been pursuing her undergraduate degree at Savannah State University.

My name is Stasheia Durham and upon graduating from the Fifteen program, I have been pursuing my undergraduate degree at Savannah State University. I am a Mass Communication major with a concentration in print journalism and an English minor. After graduating from Savannah State I plan to attend Georgia State University and further my talents in creative writing. 

The Fifteen leadership program helped throughout high school to stay focused and I learned so much regarding social issues like problem solving, leadership, and community service. The program really improved the way I interacted with different people in different environments and gave me the confidence to get involved with various projects and programs I normally would have never gotten involved with. It was exactly what I needed as a young adult preparing for the world ahead of me and I am proud to be an alumni of Fifteen.

Stasheia Durham

Savannah State University


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