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Testimonial: Shaikeria Stallings

Shaikeria is a FIFTEEN leadership program alum that continued her education at the College of Wooster

Sometimes, all that is needed to get a student headed in the right direction is the opportunity of hope. Shaikeria Stallings shares what FIFTEEN did for her in this realm.

Before becoming a student in FIFTEEN, I did not think that college was an option for me. I believed that I would graduate from high school and go into the workforce and that would be as far as I would make it.

During the time I was in the FIFTEEN leadership program, I gained the encouragement and confidence I needed to move forward and pursue a college degree from one of the most prestigious liberal arts colleges in the country. FIFTEEN was instrumental in nominating me to receive a full four-year scholarship from a national scholarship organization.

Shaikeria Stallings

College of Wooster


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